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Nestled beneath the vast Arizona skies, Sunsites village in Pearce is a hidden gem that beckons with its unique blend of rugged charm and tranquil beauty. As the gateway to Cochise Stronghold and the heart of Cochise County's high desert landscape, Sunsites welcomes visitors with a warm embrace, offering a captivating tableau where desert vistas meet historical allure. Whether you're drawn by its rich pioneer heritage, its proximity to breathtaking natural wonders, or the sense of community that thrives within its boundaries, Sunsites invites you to explore, experience, and discover the essence of authentic Arizona living.

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You will fall in love with our climate, landscape, and people. Visit our Business Directory for lodging opportunities.

Don't miss our wineries, community events, and natural attractions.


Whether you're a long-term resident or new to our community, getting involved is the best way to enrich your experience. 

For more information about purchasing property, search our business directory for our knowledgeable real estate professionals.


Use the Arcgis map to reasearch property in your desired area.

For information about property taxes, building permits, and services, visit the Cochise County website.

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Our History

Is it Sunsites or Pearce? Or Pearce-Sunsites? Or Sunsites-Pearce? 

Learn the history of our beginnings as a mining town, our development by the Horizon Corporation, and the stories of the people who have made this place home.

Resident authors, Anna and Naaman Nickell and Susan Ballard, capture the hearts and minds of our town in their book, Images of America: Pearce and Sunsites.

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